A day in Windsor – Windsor Castle and Eton College


A great day in Windsor, we dropped in on Liz, but she was not at home that day.  We wandered the castle, took a few obligatory images of her home, and left a card that we had called.  We may hear from her, but maybe not.  The weather was good to us, most of the day it was intermittent sun and cloud, but little or no rain.  A truly beautiful castle, well maintained and preserved, it was a lot bigger than I had imagined and would be a lot of work to maintain.

The Moad

The castle gardens, formerly The Moat of years gone by.


A great display of photographs of the Queen and Prince Philip were on the main drive into Windsor Castle, several are shown in the gallery of images attached.

As I found out, photography was not allowed within the castle, I had already taken 3 images which are in the gallery, sorry there are no more.  Strangely I saw no signs stating this rule.  The ones in the gallery are; Emma posing in the state reception area, and two of the Queen Mary doll house, would have loved to get some shots of the dolls, the size of a 5 yr old child and all the lovely clothing that belonged to them.

After wandering the castle, we had a great lunch of Lamb liver and bacon, rich and flavorful, of course those of newer generations than we, did not consider this to be good fare, so opted for less interesting food.

After lunch, having met up with a friend from OZ, Julie, we wandered to visit the swans of Windsor on the Thames river.

The White Swans of Windsor

The White Swans of Windsor
















We then took a stroll through the streets of Eton college, it was closed, but we did get to see some of the great prestigious college.


Many more images to view, I hope you like them.



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