Barcelona Day 2 – PM

This afternoon, we rode the tour bus the 2 km to the Basílica de la Sagrada Família, an amazing yet surreal cathedral still under construction.  The design of this building, was a brainchild of Antoni Gaudí, one of the most famous figures of Catalan culture and world architecture.


Antoni Gaudí spent over 40 years designing the Temple of the Sagrada Familia, and his hand can be seen on many other buildings in Barcelona, weird, surreal, strange, hard on the head? All of these subjective adjectives or cliches may fit, but I found his designs amazing in their beauty and detail as well.

An interesting man and talented architect, one has to give him his due.  Read more on the history of the man abd his famous cathedral here: Antoni Gaudi

I took many images on all 4 sides, as best I could, and some detailed closeups as well.  I will add some comments later, enjoy the gallery and our walk home which follows the cathedral pics.

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