Barcelona Day 2 – AM

Day 2 in this lovely city, we head out via the tour bus, to the tram ride to the mountain terminus, where we will take the funicular tram to the peak of the mountain.  At the peak there is a lovely old church and an amusement park, with amazing views of the city of Barcelona.  With a population of 1.6 million, this city is possibly the most livable city I have seen do date… the city, people and climate is just perfect.

Placa Catalunya square  P1620001_resize



The Gallery and captions presented on this page, I hope will show what I saw while riding on the bus, snap shots, and while walking and viewing at the mountain top.  This afternoon, we will go visit Gaudi’s cathedral, but that will need another page.


Sagrat Cor church on the top of the mountain

Enjoy the gallery.

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