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Studio 188 Ipswich Jazz

Studio 188. An evening of light Jazz with the Jordan Brodie Trio June 07, 2016 What a surprise, Maggie was reading a brochure that arrived in the mail, promoting Ipswich.  What is new, and what is happening.  She noticed the heading referring to An Evening of Jazz at Studio 188, a converted church in Ipswich.  4 tickets later, last Friday evening she and I accompanied […]


A day in Windsor – Windsor Castle and Eton College

  A great day in Windsor, we dropped in on Liz, but she was not at home that day.  We wandered the castle, took a few obligatory images of her home, and left a card that we had called.  We may hear from her, but maybe not.  The weather was good to us, most of the day it was intermittent sun and cloud, but little […]

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Moor Locals at Sunset

After our great meal at the Bower Inn, we took the back road over the moors to head back home to Windermere.  Coming back that way, was an unknown for us, the single track road was quite narrow and twisty, and getting late in the afternoon.  We arrived on the moors at sunset, the Golden Hour of photography, when the light is golden and soft. […]

Also posted in UK 2015