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A day in Windsor – Windsor Castle and Eton College

  A great day in Windsor, we dropped in on Liz, but she was not at home that day.  We wandered the castle, took a few obligatory images of her home, and left a card that we had called.  We may hear from her, but maybe not.  The weather was good to us, most of the day it was intermittent sun and cloud, but little […]

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Moor Locals at Sunset

After our great meal at the Bower Inn, we took the back road over the moors to head back home to Windermere.  Coming back that way, was an unknown for us, the single track road was quite narrow and twisty, and getting late in the afternoon.  We arrived on the moors at sunset, the Golden Hour of photography, when the light is golden and soft. […]

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The Hidden Lake – Wast water

Well it was ‘Hidden’ until we found it, by accident…. actually we got lost, missed a turn and went a few miles off course, when wow… this lake, we had been resigned to not finding suddenly appeared, and what an appearance, beautiful and pristine. After viewing the lake in surprise, we stopped and took a few images in appreciation as noted by Maggie on the […]


Two Mountain Passes – Single Track

Two Mountain Passes, Wrynose and Hardknott, Cumbria – Lake Country, UK There is a single-track motor road over the Wrynose Pass with gradients up to 1 in 4.  The pass reaches an altitude of 393m or 1,281 feet.  The road continues over Hardknott Pass, whose 1 in 3 gradient is the steepest road in England, and goes on to Eskdale and then the coast. What […]


99 Random Colours & Textures

I had a great day yesterday, after settling in at the hotel in Windermere, on the shores of Lake Windermere in the UK Lake District, Maggie and I walked the mile or so into town to have a cup of tea and coffee.  Of course I took my camera, only one…. and had a personal objective, relax and just capture random images of the beauty […]


A Pub Lunch and Some Country Roads

Great day today, we dropped the 4 boys off at an activity centre this morning, they had a day of all kinds of fun stuff.  Maggie and I had a relatively quiet morning, then headed out to The Queen’s Heads Pub in Eastleigh, near Winchester. Lunch was really good, top food and nice atmosphere, best pub food in the world IMHO.  And Maggie likes a Guinness […]


A few flower pics from the UK

We have been relaxing for the past few days, with the exception of some gardening and yard work, chasing rug rats and stuff like that.  I thought I would post a few flowers that caught my eye, over the past few days and today in Winchester city. Mostly the flowers are past their best, but here some good ones from the past few days, some […]